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tv   Nightline  ABC  November 2, 2010 10:35pm-11:35pm PST

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it is still a benefit for jerry brown. he now has something no other governor has had insurance since the 30s. he can propose a budget. he has a good chance at getting it passed in june -- >> getting it to 9 governor on time. it only happened a handful of time the last 30 years. >> and this might happen when you have bad times. >> yeah, the majority is gone now. >> ironically, voters went for the majority at the local government level. there is no clear message about what voters want. >> bruce, thank you very much. political analyst bruce cane. more election coverage to come, including the race that will determine whether gavin newsom stays on as mayor of san francisco. >> and also ahead, the candidates who are leading in oakland's mayoral race. this election was something different for voters there. we'll have that story. >> and as we go to break, here is a parcel tax measure on the ballot in the bay area.
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>> well, thank you very much. thank you for being part of this cause to fix california. [applause]. tonight has not turned out quite as we had hoped. we have come up a little short, but special not for lack of hard work, determination and a clear vision for making our state
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better. >> we over came great obstacles to get this far, and i could not be any prouder of the race we have ran, and i gave it my all and so are you. i have just called governor elect brown to wish him well. it looks like the results are in, and it is time now for californians to unite behind the common cause of turning around this state we love. in anyways -- -- >> we love you! >> thank you, thank you. this election was bigger than
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governor brown or me. it was about the struggles and the dreams of millions of californians. our challenges are daunting, and they won't be solved by politics as usual. but we do need leaders in sacramento to rise to the occasion and work together. it is my hope that a new era of bi-partisan problem solving can begin tonight. the people of california deserve no less. and tomorrow we are all californians. [applause]. you know, when i began this campaign i asked californians to believe in a new vision for our state to join me. i have never stopped being amazed over these many months by the bredth and enthusiasm of your response. your time and energy were critical to building this remarkable campaign.
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[applause]. thank you. to all of you and the millions of californians who cast their ballot for me, i thank you for your support. and for the tens of thousands of volunteers, hundreds of endorsers, dozens of dedicated county chairs and coalition leaders, i can't tell you how much i appreciate your hard work, your enthusiasm to me, to this campaign, to the rest of the republican ticket and to california. to my campaign team, especially the young people who worked so hard over the
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last two years. i will not forget what we have achieved together. and you are not wrong to believe. but i am honored by the hard work you put into our cause. hold your heads high tonight. you were part of something very important. thank you. and to my husband of 30 years, thank you for standing beside me during every twist and turn. thank you. i could not have done this without you. you were my pillar of strength.
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>> you yus -- you just heard meg whitman conceding tonight. she called jerry brown just a short time ago to wish him well in his role as governor. >> we got the signal back. let's listen in a little more. >> because you care about california's future. i have one more request of you, i believe if we all work together to demand change from sacramento, a new california will rise. let's never lose sight of what has united us. the hope of good jobs, smarter government and better schools for our kids and grand kids. let's rise to this occasion, look to the future with
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optimism and pull ourselves up to a better tomorrow. [applause]. thank you again for being part of this remarkable effort. god bless you. god bless california and god bless america. thank you! >> there you have it, meg whitman conceding defeat to the next governor of california, jerry brown. >> and stay with us. the camera phone?
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make a depositght. from anytime--make a det with your iphone. to mister and misses walker. why would they send my parents a check? chase what matters. ♪ >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to welcome back to our specialy election night of our news. >> 10 candidates are vying for the seat, but it could be sometime before we know which one has won. >> that is because oakland is using ranked voting for the first time. here are the latest numbers in that race. don perrata, 26%. rebecca kaplan, 20%. >> and cecilia vega is live at the campaign party in oakland tonight. cecilia? >> carolyn, it is a party that is finally winding down. a lot of supporters showed up this evening. it is definitely a very sell
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law bra tore mood in this room. this is the first time rank choice voting was used. and he is feeling confident about the lead he has so far. he and his supporters are not calling it a victory yet. it could be fry i did before the official -- friday before the results are released. three candidates have lead the pack in fundraising and in endorsements. the city council woman and the former school board member, and the most junior member, rebecca kaplan. who ever wins this race is inhair tig a very difficult job -- inheriting a very difficult job. if he wins, he hillary hire the 80 police officers who were laid off earlier this year. and then to sit down with the union to talk about cut that will need to happen to fill this city's massive budget gap. >> oakland is big enough to
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matter, small enough to manage. this city can be what it should be. there is no reason why we cannot make oakland what all of us believe in. >> now, you can hear in pirrata's voice that it is particularly gone. he got larn. - he got laryngitis after all of the campaigning he did this week. he will be a much more visible mayor if he wins this job. he would be more visible than mayor rondell -- ron dellums. he says he will attend restaurant openings to funerals in oakland. cecilia vega, abc7 news. >> thanks. in oakland, voters are deciding on measure x, a $36 -- $360 parcel tax. here are the numbers -- you need a two-3 -- two-three to
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pass. they said yes on x. >> and measure bb would restore 63 police officers. here is a look at this one. this needs a two-three vote and it is leading yes with a third of the precincts voting. >> that's in oakland. now back across the bay. two controversial issues on the ballot. >> sitting on public sidewalks. yes 54%, no, 46%. we have one precinct reporting about this measure. >> and voters are deciding proposition b. that is a measure to reform pensions and benefits with employees increasing their contribution. that is measure b. we are working on the number for you. when we can bring it up we will bring it up for you. if we don't get it, we will move on and come back to that. >> we have some other
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statewide races right now. san francisco mayor gavin newsom is locked in a tight race against maldonado. >> and here are the latest numbers we have on the lieutenant govenor's race. gavin newsom was leading in that race against maldonado, the incumbent. gavin newsom has basically declared victory in that race. he has 47% of the vote compared to maldonado's 42%. >> carolyn tiler is live with the newsom campaign. >> a short time ago, gavin newsom came in here looking and sounding like a winner. he is just out of the governor's race a short time before he was running for lieutenant governor. he said, well -- >> i knew exactly what i said. i was having fun. >> he said, what does a lieu 10 nebt governor do anyway?
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he came up talking about priorities with his lovely wife, jennifer, by his side. he talked about some of his priorities, and he told me earlier that it would take someone who is prepared, thoughtful and organized. he let his supporters know he wants to move the state in a different direction. >> when we get up to sacramento, i think you know this well, we are going to hit the ground running. >> with me now live is mayor gavin newsom and his wife. thank you for sticking with us. tell us about your priorities. you said the first would be pushing ab, 32. >> one of the things that defines calf -- defines
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california is our strategy. that's economic prosperity. and we are focus 0*g dramatically changing the way we produce and consume energy. we know with prop 23 going down in defeat we have a green light for ab32. that means we need real leadership to make it real. we have jerry brown and now we have a lieutenant governor and a member of the ocean protection council that want to continue an aggressive effort toward reestablishing california and leadership positions when it comes to green technology. >> that sounds like you are saying you have won. >> i am hopeful. i know it is still too early. i haven't got a call from my opponent yet. one thing i know is you don't assume anything in life, especially in politics. i am hopeful. >> a lot of people said this is a ceremonial position. you believe it is staying
11:53 pm
outside of the margins. >> we always try to play it that way. i try to do that as a county supervisor and a mayor. couldn't do universal healthcare. a lot of things we have done in our city. i look forward to doing that as a member not only of the csu board, but to chair the economic development commission. people forget the lieutenant governor chairs the commission. the biotech, life science, digital media, digital entertainment, agriculture. those are the areas we need a workforce development strategy with a focus. when i made those comments when i was running for govenor, they were tongue and cheek because people were trying to get me out of the governor's race. i actually interned for leo mccarthy. i actually had real practical experience.
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it is a running joke in this state. you don't necessarily know what that role does as far as the informal role. i want to reestablish and reinvent it. >> thank you for talking with us tonight. i want to mention the mayor stayed for a lot of the day and not just politicking, but trying to prepare for the giants victory parade and working out the details, finding orange confetti, as he says, and he hopes he will have something of his own to celebrate as well. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> thank you, carolyn. now incumbent governor maldonado cast his vote on the central coast. >> he was appointed in april. he will have to wait until later tonight to find out whether he will keep the job. it is a battle between state attorney general. >> harris is trailing cooley tonight. here is a look at the numbers.
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harris with 44% of the vote to cooley's 48% were -- with 44% of precincts reporting. >> and back to the governor's race, we want to take you back to the fox theater as jerry brown came out to declare victory as the next governor of california. >> you can see the latest results, 52% to meg whitman's 43%. we are approaching what the field poll told us it would be. mark matthews has more. >> twas -- it was just a few minutes after 11:00 jerry brown said he wanted to return greatness to california. 23* we cut to those pictures of jerry brown coming off the stage. i asked his reaction to the numbers. >> i thought it was coming. it looked good. the people have given me a
11:56 pm
vote of trust and confidence. >> have you put together a tran session team? >> have i people who work with me in the attorney general's office. >> what is the first move? >> the first move is to start working on the budget and getting a list of the jobs that need to be filled. >> and with that he walked off into the night. jerry brown is gone and so is my voice. reporting from oakland, mark matthews, abc news. >> thank you very much. >> yes, we in theed that. the intent to legalize marijuana has gone down in defeat. >> they gathered in oakland where they hold classes on cultivating marijuana. you can see 55% to 45% no on the proposition. they blame it on the conservative leaning of voters who part pate in the mid-term
11:57 pm
election and plan to be back in two years. >> move forward two years and some of these city governments are seeing the controls and the regulations. some of the resource taxes coming from this. there will be a different decision here in california because we will be part of it. >> mayor gavin newsom mentioned proposition 23. it looks like it will go down in defeat. oil companies would have frozen california and stripped us in the greenhouse gas emissions. >> schwarzenegger, the last major victory in his tenure in office, prop 23 is the largest legislate testify cuts in greenhouse gases in the world. the governor can put his victory to the world theory. >> it looks like yesterday california beat texas, as you all know. >> [applause].
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and today, literally less than 24 hours later, we are beating texas again. >> governor schwarzenegger talking about proposition 23 and its defeat. can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ? can it keep an eye out for itself, literally show and tell you where it is when you don't even know yourself ?
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quick check of the forecast now. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with that. sandhya? >> if you look at the numbers it is comfortable outside. 50s, 60s. we do have some fog along our coastline, and also in places like santa rosa and fairfield. look for mainly coastal fog tonight, mild through thursday, and shower chances coming into play friday and sunday. we have a high surf advisory for the coastline until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. still expecting the waves to run high between 15 and 20 feet. you can see the current wave heights are anywhere between 11 and 17 feet. so very strong rip currents uh companying those waves. overnight, temperatures from the mid40s to the mid50s. mainly coastal fog, but a few patches of valley fog are not out of the question.
12:02 am
and tomorrow afternoon it is going to be fantastic for the victory parade. 7 degrees as the giants parade takes place. it goes across market, and by the time they end up at civic center plaza, the temperatures in the low to mid70s. plenty of sunshine for the parade. if you will be anywhere will around the bay area, the number is a good five to 15 degrees warmer than normal. low 80s in some of our inland areas. sunny skies around the monterey bay with temperatures in the upper 70s to the upper 80s. here is your accu accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a great looking day for the parade. mid80s inland. low 70s at our beaches. mild through thursday as i mentioned. slight possibility of showers as the cooler conditions come in. and then on sunday another chance of seeing some rain. >> sandhya, thank you. certainly a big night around california. a big morning tomorrow in san francisco. >> huge. the giants' victory parade
12:03 am
begins in less than 12 hours from now. lisa amin gulezian is live in san francisco where crews are setting up. lisa? >> it is very late. i want to give you the lay of the land. it is after midnight, and there is a lot of activity taking place behind me. it is a big deal to transform city hall into what it needs to be. people will be working to get things set up. they are not the only ones out here on the lawn. you can see about 30 people have set up their lawn chairs and blankets. they are camping out. they want to be the ones to get front row seats for the parade. there is a lot of work to do and so few hours to do it. the city is throwing a massive victory parade to celebrate the giants' world series win. the route will stretch from montgomery in washington to market and end at city hall.
12:04 am
10,000 pounds of orange confetti will fall from the rooftops to greet the athletes who will be riding in antique cars, convertibles and on floats. >> we will have all of the giants and their families up here on the stage. we will congratulate the giants on a great victory. >> 270 people including current and retired giants, former mayors and city leaders will fill the stage in front of city hall. the event at civic center plaza should end about 2:00. >> definitely coming to the parade at 11:00. >> crews aren't the only ones preping for the parade. fans are too, and of course they need the gear. lines for merchandise stretched for blocks. it was a very different scene at this independent stand in the marina. >> more convenient and wasn't going to stand in line for two hours. >> the shirts aren't necessarily official, but they are black, orange and available just in time. tens of thousands of people are expected to pack civic
12:05 am
center plaza. that's why the two large monitors have been set up. polk street has shut down. a lot of places -- a lot of things still need to happen tonight. lisa amin gulezian. >> thank you. if you are coming to san francisco for the parade, take a close look at this parade route. cross streets will be closed after the morning commute along the entire route. >> yeah, the parade starts at montgomery and washington, and then the street closures will include all streets to market, clay, sacramento, california, post and a long market that is a cross street to hayes and larkin. >> the streets will re-open shortly after the parade passes after 11:00 a.m. when it begins. >> if you can't make it to san francisco tomorrow, we hope you will join us here. >> please do. our live coverage begins tomorrow morning at 10:30. it is right here on abc7. >> we will be streaming the
12:06 am
parade on-line at >> now, if you are going to the parade, help us cover it. send us your photos and video. we will show some of it on our web page. goy you can e-mail them to us at you report at kgo-tv .com. >> and we will be here covering the parade tomorrow morning, and so will larry beil. we are all excited about that, larry. >> if i can get into the city based on the street closures. >> get here early. >> i will be right over there in the monitor. just wake me. >> after 52 years waiting in san francisco, all that is left is to throw one giant party and that will happen with the world series victory parade. giants fans stayed up all nightlong last night to greet the team as the giants were flying back from texas. 4:00 a.m. outside at&t park with fans showing the love and the affection they have for this team. after a handful of near
12:07 am
misses, the giant finally brought a world title to san francisco. >> it is close closure for 1962, 1989. it is closure for 2002. we didn't get it done. we always dreamed about doing it. we always knew the parade would be incredible. this is special for all of us. >> it is what you dream of. words can't really explain it. >> unbelievable job these players did. right now we are running on adrenalin. we had a good time, celebrated. some of them took a little nap, but to come back and have these fans waiting, it is great. right now we are living a dream. >> plenty of shot on goal, but none in the net. the sharks visited the wild with not wild results. some wild fans are feeling the beat. first period and heatly to pivelski. it was just wide and had the empty net to work with.
12:08 am
six inches to the left. sharks out shot the wild 18-4 in the second period. backstrom denies him. minnesota converting on a5 on 3. the wild win it 1-0. you stay up until 12:08 and you will get sharks highlights. if it is the last thing i do you will get shark highlights. >> i have is a blanket for you. >> thank you very much. "nightline" is coming up next. >> we will be joining that in progress for you. i'm carolyn johnson. tomorrow morning tune in for the latest election results at 4:30. >> we will have that and all of us will be back with you tomorrow morning at 10:30 to cover the parade no less. be sure to tune in for that. >> ticker tape parade. good night. >>
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rubio say. what's the message from these conservative activists that tea party activists to the leadership here in washington? >> i think the message is that republicans are actually on probation. i think it's very clear that the republican party -- that voters didn't vote for the republican party. they voted against the obama agenda. and i'm actually glad to hear john boehner sort of acknowledge that. i think it was very wise and, hopefully, he'll govern that way. but look, i think that some of the really bright spots out there are people like marco rubio and i've said it before but i think ma marco rubio's the perfect candidate in the sense he's a bona fide conservative but he was also the speaker are
12:12 am
of the florida house and i think someone like him and pat toomey have a chance to sort of bridge the gap between the tea party and the establishment. hopefully, they won't be co-opted but i think someone like rubio is a classic example of the possibilities here and i think maybe i don't want to, you know, get too far ahead of myself but look for marco rubio to be a major player and a rising star for years to come. that may be one of the big stories when we look back a couple years from now what 2010 was all about. >> arianna, what do you make of this? >> well, the gop has a choice to make now. do they want to follow what mitch mcconnell said, which is that the highest priority is going to be on to make obama a one-term president or do they want to do what's best to revive the american economy? this is a very stark choice. so far saying no to everything obama wanted to do has served them extremely well, but now, they have a higher responsibility. they're in charge of the house.
12:13 am
>> and let's talk about that one-term president, 2012 election starts well, i guess it already has now. and cokie, let me go to you, how has the map changed for obama and how has what the tea party has done with this election made a difference in the 2012 landscape? >> well, the map, the physical map is certainly changed. we once again see a map that bloox blue on the edges and red all through the rest of it, but that doesn't really address the demographic map and one of the things we did see in this election is that the obama coalition didn't really fall apart. it just didn't show up. so, whereas in 2008, i think 74% of the electorate was white. in this election, according to the exit polls, it was about 78%, it was probably higher than that, because the exits seemed to be tilting a little
12:14 am
democratic, so, i would guess about 80% of the electorate was white and that's not where america is. so, if obama can get his coalition of minorities and young people back to the polls in 2012 and, to some degree, women, then he still has a shot at winning this thing. but the physical map, the geographic map, is certainly very tough. >> and terry, terry, this -- >> matthew, one of the things i think that, to a degree, barack obama's future is not in mitch mcconnell's hands making jobim a one-term president, it is barack obama's hands and i think he has to sit down tonight and tomorrow and decide, am i going the way of ronald reagan and bill clinton where i take a drubbing and learn from it and govern slightly differently or go the way of jimmy cart irwho never learned and became a one-term president. and i think boehner and mcdonnell will have more power in the senate. the determination of whether or not he's a one-term president is
12:15 am
much more on barack obama's shoulders than anybody else. >> and last question to ron brownstein, sarah palin, what kind of a factor she going to be in 2012? is she a winner or loser tonight? >> overall, the record is kind of mixed on the candidates she endorsed, but overall, i think she's a winner because if you looked at the energy that was moving in the republican party, the kind of voters that were moved toward them, the working class white voters that broke overwhelmingly form them, the part of the party she speaks to most powerfully is growing and her constituency as a candidate in 2012 is growing. whether that translates to a general election -- democrats this time, but there's no doubt that the energy that she represents, i think, was part of that driving force for republicans in this election. >> no question about it. ron brownstein and our panel, thanks very much. no question the republican nomination is going to go through that constituency, that tea party constituency, which she has so much influence over. we'll be right back in a moment.
12:16 am
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i spoke earlier tonight with a key player on the new republican leadership team under speaker john boehner in the house of representatives. the current republican whip, eric kantor of virginia. here's what he had to say. >> first order of business is in a broad way, to start listening to the people again because that's the message that i think we heard from the voters tonight, that they're tired of washington not listening, tired of the 20 months of policies with promises that have been broken and no results. this election is about getting down to business and getting people back to work. >> you know, a lot of the republicans coming into the house and coming into the senate, they weren't fans of the republican establishment in washington, the republican leadership in washington, like yourself. do you think you're going to have a challenge in the republican leadership corralling the tea party rms on something like, say, razing the debt limit, something that congress
12:21 am
has to do, but many tea party activists say they don't want to see anymore of? >> first things first. terry, we've got to get a hold of this spending that's out of control. i think what you're going to see in a republican-led house is a commitment for regular diet of cutting bills, bills that will be brought to the floor that will actually reduce federal spending. we have proposed and in our blech to america to return discretionary spending back to 2008 levels. that was a time when the sun came up and it set. those are the kinds of steps we need to take to begin to rein in the federal government and demonstrate to the people not only those associated with the tea party movement, but independents, republicans and democrats alike who are expecting washington to start producing results, getting people back to work, and cutting the size of the federal government. >> polls also show congressman, a real skepticism about both
12:22 am
parties. let me ask about the track records. when republicans had control of the white house and the congress, the federal budget went from surplus to gargantuan deficit. so is it fair to ask, why should people trust you guys given the track record of republicans on earmarks and on deficit spending when you had control the last time? >> well, terry, for one, i am one who is advocating continuation of earmark moratorium and i think we ought to impose that moratorium in the 112th congress and i think you'll see a majority of the members that make up the republican conference feel the same way. we've got to change the culture here in washington. we get that this is a second chance for our republican party. they've given us a golden opportunity to be true to those principles that people expect the republican party to be about and that's the constitutionally limited government, that is cutting spending, keeping taxes in check, lowering taxes, the tax burden and focusing on the private sector. >> a second chants for the
12:23 am
republican party. congressman eric kantor, changes for joining us tonight and could be congratulations again. >> thank you. >> is that sdrofld young gun of the republican leadership coming into the house. come on, kids, come inside. the droid 2. a lightning-fast keyboard, a turbo-texting, web-jetting super you. the droid x. a 4.3-inch screen. summon movies and games at your command. now buy a droid 2 by motorola for $149.99 and get any phone free. with so many it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way his dentist chooses. fact is, more dentists use an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush.
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let's go back to california where barbara boxer fought off an aggressive challenge from carly fiorina. my co-anchor bill weir got her in the middle of her victory celebration. >> barbara boxer, congratulations. you get a giants world series win and a political win in the same week. >> yeah, there was something very special about beating the texas rangers because the big texas oil companies came in here, supported my opponent, supported a proposition which would have rolled back our clean air law and we defeated all of those texans. >> you're anomaly tonight as a democrat and you were there in 2006 when president bush said, we took a thumping and that was
12:28 am
30 houses that the republicans lost. there is seats they lost in the house. what would you call this tonight? twice that many. >> well, i think it's very clear that these are tough and rough times and that people are impatient and, even though we explained the fact, as i did to my constituents, that we brought this country back from another great depression and that we are moving in the right direction, people want it to go faster, better. i understand that. >> a democratic victor there. let's go back to bill weir for some final thoughts on how the west was won tonight. >> reporter: it really is amazing. california is a place unto itself, huge unemployment but they're going with the washington insiders. jerry brown back as governor, but not to get corny or sentimental in the wee hours here, but we take it for granted what happened today in a chaotic world, americans can be proud of a peaceful transfer of power, a
12:29 am
seismic transfer of power and the bloodbath is all metaphor cal. it's a great moment. cynthia, any final thoughts in chicago? >> reporter: yeah, you know, i'm thinking about the rough belt blues here. 21 democratic seats went to republicans. area of incredibly high unemployment, high foreclosure rates from northern new york through ohio, pennsylvania, indiana, illinois, there was a real groundswell of discontent and i think if the democrats don't learn how to sing the rust belt blues in a new key, they're going to have trouble in 232012. >> and one thing that we've seen once again, the american people deeply dissatisfied with the partisan politics and the way that the policies come out of that. they've send a message to both parties. we'll see now whether or not both parties get them. that's our report for tonight. for now, i'm terry moran, for all of us at abc news, good for now, i'm terry moran, for all of us at abc news, good night, america.
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